Earn while you apply.

Own your job search. Make it easy for the right employers to find you.

Make hiring simple, fast and effective.

Post jobs for free and receive accomplishment based profiles from every applicant. Review, shortlist then select candidates that instantly deliver their resume followed by a guaranteed response.

Contact and Hire

Search by Job Title

Search candidate titles to find NFTs that connect you to jobseekers. Review their profiles and select ‘Contact Me’ to buy access to full resumes.

Post Jobs for Free

Register to post unlimited jobs for free. Candidates apply with their profiles to your jobs and can be reviewed and tracked from your dashboard. 

Get Responses

Bintl provides access to full resumes and a guaranteed response from candidates who apply to your jobs, backed by our refund policy.


Search 1M+ Jobs

Search from millions of jobs and apply any time without an account.

Apply and Earn

Create a profile where employers can find you and invite you to jobs.

Get Hired

Your profile on Bintl Hire make you easy for employers to reach directly.

Earn from your job search

Take ownership of your job search. Get paid to deliver your resume and response. 

A resume that’s one of one.
Bintl Hire creates a master copy of your resume that jobseekers benefit from. It’s the only resume that notifies and pays you as a jobseeker when someone views it.

Apply with your skills not your identity

Bintl Hire is a safer place to apply to jobs. No contact information or names are listed on candidate profiles. Only employers that send contact requests can see who the candidate is.
Free from bias
Profiles have no pictures or full names on Bintl Hire. With a focus on quality candidates, employers search jobseekers by professional title.

Bintl Hire guarantees results

Accountability is central to Bintl Hire. Reports of inconsistent content and unresponsiveness are taken seriously.

Safety and Authenticity
Bintl Hire strives to protect user experience and bring together jobseekers and employers for the purpose of filling jobs. Action is taken in instances of fraud or misconduct according to our policy.