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Jobs alone don't attract great employees, acknowledging their unique worth does.

NFT resumes give jobseekers ownership of their resume content and a way to be compensated. 

Contact and Hire from NFTs

Explore and Contact

Search candidate titles to find NFTs that connect you to jobseekers. Review their profiles and select ‘Contact Me’ to buy access to full resumes.

Post Jobs for Free

Register to post unlimited jobs for free. Candidates submit their NFTs to your jobs, where they can be review from your dashboard. 

Guaranteed Responses

NFTs provide access to full resumes and a guaranteed response from candidates who apply to jobs, backed by our refund policy.

NFT resumes from candidates

Deeper Content

Insightful profiles followed by full downloadable resumes and a guaranteed response.

Clear Presentation

Jobseekers craft profiles with notes from certified career coach Tim Lo.


Added value for candidates means intentional responses and content to employers.

Don't miss out on the future of resumes

Sign up with Bintl Hire to generate an NFT resume that lets you apply anywhere and earn compensation for connecting with interested employers.

You don’t own your resume, let’s change that.
Job boards are known for providing resumes in large quantity to employers. However more resumes don’t always mean quality results. NFTs on Bintl Hire can deliver quality results on a large scale. Jobseekers are compensated for their time and resume content even if they aren’t hired. This also means a more positive job search experience that more valuable candidates will return to.

Apply with your skills not your identity

Applying to jobs with NFT resumes can better protect candidates from job post scams or identity theft. Contact information and full resume are reserved for employers who purchase additional content through the NFT.
Free from bias
Profiles have no pictures or full names on Bintl Hire. With a focus on quality candidates, employers search jobseekers by professional title.

Bintl Hire guarantees results

Accountability is central to the Bintl Hire NFT marketplace. Reports of inconsistent content and unresponsiveness are taken seriously.

Safety and Authenticity
Bintl Hire strives to protect user experience and bring together jobseekers and employers for the purpose of filling jobs. Action is taken in instances of fraud or misconduct according to our policy.