Introducing engagement based job search.

How Bintl Hire Works 

The purpose of our engagement based job search is to connect employers and jobseekers directly where both parties benefit. Engagement happens to be the perfect term because Bintl Hire’s approach to posting jobs has only been seen in dating apps up to this point. However, this is still a job board so we’ve designed the process accordingly. Candidates apply to jobs with profiles that share skills not identity. Instead of swiping right (excuse the Tinder reference), employers press the download resume button for access to a full resume and a guaranteed response.

Engagement based (Bintl Hire) vs. advertising jobs

Job boards that we know today have amassed more than $11B a year charging to advertise jobs. There is no promise on the number of applicants or quality of candidates. Money is spent on advertising first and there’s no way to tell who will apply. Here’s our simple solution: Employers on Bintl Hire see candidate profiles first and only pay to connect with the quality candidates they review.

  1. Post jobs for free
  2. Review skill profiles
  3. connect and compensate candidates

Candidates are compensated when their resume is downloaded

When an employer chooses to download and purchase a full resume, they also receive a guaranteed response from the candidate. The candidate receives compensation for their resume and time.  The candidate receives a majority of the payment and admin takes a smaller fee.

How your jobs attract the right candidates

Candidates are given a set number of times they can apply to jobs for free. This encourages them to choose wisely as they apply to jobs that an employer will select them for.

Another improvement on traditional job boards is that we review the jobs posted and target advertising toward related groups to fill your jobs. No other job board does this. 

Refund Policy

Employers are refunded in the event of fraud or an unresponsive candidate. Notify us at We will review and if confirmed we will take immediate action to process a refund.

Candidate personal information is kept secure.

You own the content you post on Bintl Hire. Your profile is public so it shouldn’t include contact information or anything that could be used to identify you. Only employers that purchase your resume will know who you are.

Bintl Hire lays no claim to your resume or any other content you provide on the website. We may share links to your public profile as a promotion but we do not sell or share your personal or resume data with anyone other than the employers who purchase it in the form of a resume.  For more information please visit our terms of use and privacy policy. Find answers to general questions on our FAQ page.

Our Mission

Bintl Hire’s mission is to bring more value to job search for candidates and employers. 

We value people, not job posts.

For candidates, we’ve partnered with renowned career coach Tim Lo of Your Next Jump to provide virtual resume tips. Our goal is to better prepare jobseekers for their enhanced job search on Bintl Hire.

Employers review applicants first. Of the many that apply, employers compensate the candidates they choose after reviewing their skills profile. Unlike current job boards, there’s no payment until the employer selects an ideal candidate.

We guarantee a response from applicants. Candidates are made aware of their responsibility to respond to employers if they applied to a job. An employer can notify us and request a refund if they reach out but don’t hear back.

Employers pay per candidate, a fraction of what it costs to post a job. Visit any candidate profile and click download resume to see the standard price for resumes today.

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$11 billion made by job boards
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Over 10 million open U.S. job positions
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Over 7 million U.S. job candidates