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About Bintl Hire

Bintl Hire jobseekers create a free profile that becomes the master source of their professional identity. Their profiles act as an access pass for employers to reach them during their job search. Employers connect directly with candidates that fit specific roles or find talent quickly. Bintl Hire sets out to change the value of job search by paying jobseekers when their resume is viewed by employers.

Our vision and technology took four years to come together as we gathered feedback and researched trends in the online recruitment market. The bigger picture has always been digital ownership for job candidates. The driving statistic behind this concept was the more than $11 billion a year corporate job boards make from the resumes jobseekers create. If the resumes alone can generate billions in revenue, this is proof that with or without a job people have value. Bintl Hire is here to help professionals tap into the value they create from being active jobseekers and capitalize on what the future of digital ownership has to offer.

How Bintl Hire works

  • Bintl Hire is the platform and marketplace for job candidates to be contacted.
  • Jobseekers are the owners and offer resumes with a guaranteed response. They are notified when their resume is purchased and receive customer details from every purchase.
  • Bintl Hire monitors marketplace activity and polices the rules: Advertised resume content must be present, jobseekers must respond to an employer call if they applied to the position, no fraud of any kind is allowed. The penalties are refunded payment and possible removal from the marketplace.

Bintl Hire lays no claim to your resume or any other content you provide on the website. We may share links to your public profile as a promotion but we do not sell or share your personal or resume data with anyone other than the employers who purchase it in the form of a resume.  For more information please visit our terms of use and privacy policy. Find answers to general questions on our FAQ page.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring more value to job search for candidates and employers. 

Bintl Hire aims to empower jobseekers and make hiring a process that doesnt cost them time and money but contributes to their growth and wellbeing as professionals. We hope to make Bintl Hire a household name known for pioneering the jobseeker brand space where they can manage and own their job search.

Employers should see Bintl Hire as a major opportunity to forge a stronger social bond with the communities they hire from. By changing the status quo business can claim a new era in hiring. Contributing to support candidates outside of their business is a revolutionary idea that we are proud to share with organizations everywhere.

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