Build a better way to hire

Find powerhouse job candidates from NFTs

Bintl Hire is the marketplace and job board to buy jobseeker NFTs. A Jobseeker NFT gives guaranteed and direct access to candidates from profiles that preview their experience.

Search candidates by job title to review skills and accomplishments. Because candidates own their NFT profiles they have incentive to be active in their job search and reply when an employer or recruiter reach out.

When purchased the employers  receive candidate resumes instantly. Jobseeker NFT owners are also notified of every purchase and are aware of their responsibility to respond.

Value people not job posts

Sign up as an employer on Bintl Hire and post every job completely free. You’ll even receive applicants that you can review from your dashboard. Candidates can also be invited to the jobs you post from their NFT profiles.

The only thing paid for are Jobseeker NFTs

Bintl Hire is the only marketplace that sells Jobseeker NFTs. Make finding and contacting qualified candidates the easiest step in your recruitment process.

Become innovative and impactful

Your choice to post jobs with Bintl Hire won’t be overlooked. Powerhouse candidates know their worth and are willing to provide greater service and access as owners of their brand. Traditional job boards aren’t designed to deliver on quality or response rate but Bintl Hire is. Support candidates in their job search and change the status quo of what it means to look for employment.