How to build your profile

1.Start with the right job title #

Employers find your profile by job title. Enter a title that matches your interests and experience. Unsure what your job title should be? Open a job search to find one. (all links open in another tab)

2.List accomplishments #

Show employers your success at work. Write what made you stand out in previous jobs and the outcome of your work. Include impressive numbers: how many people were effected by your work, number of projects completed or how much money was saved/made by you and your team. What were you the only one trusted to work on, etc.

3.Focus your job search #

Only enter skills that relate to the job you want. Answer what the job you want is looking for. Review the job post first, then build your profile.

Transitioning or new to work? Use classroom/volunteer/group accomplishments that show you can get the job done.

Have your current resume nearby. For more help, watch this video from certified career coach Tim Lo.

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