Why Bintl no longer makes resumes into NFTs

In January of ’22,  Bintl Hire made a strong play to incorporated blockchain and NFT technology.  It was short lived and we no longer have plans to make resumes into NFTs.

Blockchain offered the unique opportunity to make resumes on Bintl Hire different from the resumes employers and job boards already have.  We expected it to catch on and add more value for job seekers in the end but it didn’t.  Instead it caused confusion about whether NFTs were crypto currency and questions about the effect of blockchain on the environment were raised.

The decision to not include NFTs was an easy one because Bintl already pays jobseekers without the use of blockchain technology and doesn’t need it. We explored the option and have the capability to use it if things were to change. At this time there are zero plans to include NFTs or blockchain technology with Bintl Hire.

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