Bintl Hire is free for employers and candidates. At this moment in time candidates must be invited to join.

Candidates are paid when their resume is downloaded. Once their resume is uploaded, they activate their payout account from the my account section found on their dashboard. We’ve partnered with Stripe to process transactions securely just as they do for Instacart, Amazon, Shopify, Google and others.

Yes they can. If an employer has evidence of a fraudulent resume or an applicant who has not replied to their attempts to contact, Bintl Hire will review the situation before taking action. If the issue is valid, a refund will be processed within 30 days or less.

Currently it is $18.

You can make changes to your account by visiting the ‘my accounts’ tab on your candidate/employer dashboard.

Bintl Hire takes an administrative fee from resumes when their sold. There is also a fee for the candidate premium package. Those are our only fees.